Program Model

The IMP model unites individuals from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and facilitates the formation of non-traditional, innovative families that transcend barriers, providing the foundation for strong communities and cities.

Eligible students are identified in their freshman year based on low GPA, truancy, detentions/suspensions and significant challenges outside of the classroom. IMP matches each high school student with an IMP Family of up to eight university and community-based volunteers that customize their approach to address the specific needs of their student and biological family. The IMP Family forms the inner-most circle that supports the student for more than eight years, the remainder of high school and at least five years post high school graduation. IMP Families also work with the second circle of IMP Programs & Services teams to provide opportunities for students to engage in safe environments for up to twelve hours per day, 365 days per year, in activities such as tutoring, SAT and college preparation, community service, enrichment events, and employment. While the IMP Families offer customized support, Programs & Services teams create access to expertise and efficiency in the recruitment and allocation of resources. The Programs & Services teams work with the outermost circle of IMP Collaborators to access existing community resources.

The intensity of the IMP Family and Programs & Services teams, not only contributes to the physiological, safety and belonging needs of students, but also allows students to receive attention and recognition. The unrivaled persistence and dedication of the IMP community is a powerful alternative that fills the void left by a deficient social support structure to ensure at least one caring adult is always present in a student’s life during eight of their adolescent and young adult years. The IMP model also promotes high volunteer recruitment and retention because the workload and emotional burden are distributed across many members and there is a built-in network of support in volunteer-volunteer interactions.

IMP Core Competencies

The foundation of IMP’s strategy for forming extended families of support is the IMP Core Competencies:

Failing successfully: IMP is a rapid prototyping organization. We try, fail, think and try again. IMP members are taught that failure is critical to success and that a healthy attitude towards failure allows for growth.

Rethink wealth: IMP views relationships as true wealth. We embrace students, volunteers, collaborators and community members as exceptional individuals in extraordinary situations who are able to contribute to the lives of others and to the community as a whole.

Inclusive decision-making: IMP members are empowered to think critically and make decisions collaboratively. This process serves to increase empowerment, pro-active behavior and accountability.

Never give up: IMP never gives up on a member of our community. We do whatever it takes to support each individual.

By coaching the leaders of today and tomorrow using IMP’s Core Competencies, we amass a cadre of adaptable, resilient, and tenacious agents of change.