IMP Family
Introduced in 2007, IMP matches each high school student with an IMP Family of up to eight volunteers. In addition to academic and social support and in the spirit of doing whatever it takes, IMP Family members connect students and their biological families to community resources by coordinating clothing, furniture and appliance donations, home renovations, and public assistance enrollment.

Members of an IMP Family:


One Student
ACCE and Dunbar High School students enroll during their freshman year of high school and remain in IMP for at least eight years.

Up to Eight Family Members
JHU and Baltimore community members volunteer to join the IMP Community for a minimum of one year. While IMP high school Families have up to eight Family Members, IMP post-high school Families are much smaller and comprise of one to two Family Members who continue to work with them towards personal and academic growth.

One Head of Household (HOH)
An experienced volunteer from the IMP Community serves as the leader of the IMP Family and coaches Family members on how to provide individualized support for the student.

IMP House
Established in 2010, the IMP House fosters mentoring across different cohorts of students and IMP Families. While IMP Houses are not physical locations, the IMP House structure creates a close-knit community by uniting IMP students and Families across different cohorts at the same IMP Site.

Members of an IMP House:


Up to Eight IMP students, each from a different cohort, and their IMP Families

One GrandParent (GP)
An experienced volunteer from the IMP Community serves at the leader of the IMP House. GPs mentor, coach and train the House HOHs, facilitate Family members and students within each House sharing experiences, and connect older students to younger students to serve as role models and peer mentors.

IMP Site
In 2004, the Dunbar-JHU East Baltimore flagship site was founded and began matching volunteers from the JHU East Baltimore campus with students from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. In 2010, the ACCE-JHU Homewood site was founded and began matching volunteers from the JHU Homewood campus with students from the Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE).

Members of an IMP Site:

Houses are named after IMP Values in different languages. At the ACCE-Homewood site, Houses are named “hope” and at the Dunbar-JHU East Baltimore site Houses are named “family”.

ACCE Houses (“hope”)
Aasha – Elpida – Fata – Gidae – Hoop – Mana’olana – Matumaini – Nadam – Nadezhda – Nadzieja – Nozomi – Pagasa – Toivoa – Ummak – Ummeed - Xiwang

Dunbar Houses (“family”)
Aile – Gajok – Gesin – Iyali – Jiating – Kazoku – Khandaan – Ohana – Oikogeneia – Pamilya – Parivar – Perhe – Porodica – Rodzina – Sem’ja – Semejestvo

Interested in joining an IMP Family? Contact us at or directly through this site.