Interested in learning more about the IMP community? Join us at a Spring 2013 Info Session! For more information, contact us at volunteer@incentivementoringprogram.org or directly through this site.

Join an IMP Family
The workload and emotional burden are distributed across many Family members and there is a built-in network of support in volunteer-volunteer interactions. If one Family member has an exam or a personal emergency, another
can fill in! Learn more about how IMP Families interact.

Join an IMP Programs & Services team
Volunteers can choose to contribute to both IMP and the community through working with dedicated teams of volunteers to develop comprehensive programs and innovative projects. Below is a list of some of the activities that IMP teams are involved in:

Engaging, Meaningful Programs

Fulfilling, but Flexible Projects

Academic Affairs

  • Tutoring
  • Creating genuine relationships with teachers
  • Running/organizing review sessions

Community Service

  • Creating community partnerships
  • Organizing community service projects

College & SAT Prep

  • Organizing seminars for writing college essays
  • Helping students identify, research, and apply to colleges of their choice
  • Tutoring for SATs and teaching study skills


  • Organizing events that help IMP build strong relationships
  • Organizing enriching, unique experiences for students
  • Teaching crucial skills such as maintaining good credit, handling money, interviewing, and professional etiquette

Summer Programs

  • Internship opportunities for students and volunteers
  • International study abroad/service projects

Volunteer Recruitment & Morale

  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • Orienting, enrolling new members
  • Supporting with volunteer engagement and retention


  • Photography
  • Videography


  • Innovate development of crucial communication/infrastructure tools
  • Database creation
  • Programming
  • Web design and development